q_leather care

Cleaning your automotive leather upholstery take basic equipment and can be achieved, in 3 simple steps:

*First, vacuum the leather upholstery to remove any loose dust particles. Use Editing Service any clean, soft, lint-free cloth damped with lukewarm water and mild soap. Apply a gentle, circular motion for effective cleaning.

*Then, Wipe the surface with a separate clean and slightly damp cloth to remove soap residue.

*Finally, just dry the surface using a soft cloth.


Watch points:

*As leather is porous and breathable allowing the dust and dirt to settle into the finish can cause irreversible damage to the leather surface. The supple surface of leather can be maintained if it’s cleaned as soon as it becomes soiled.

*However, use of any kind of alcohol, cleaning solvents, oils, varnishes, or polishes, can damage the finish.

*For light colored leathers or stubborn stains, use our kit to effectively clean the surface in half the time.